Custom air core coils and inductors

Air core coils


Rittmann-HF-Technik supplies customer-specific 1-layer air coils, rod core coils, extension coils
for antennas, helical antennas for radio applications (hand-held transmitters, receivers, etc.)
and wire bridges for applications in the high-frequency field from our own production.

The production of small and large quantities is possible at very reasonable prices and
short delivery times. Machine setup costs
do not arise regardless of the number of pieces.

Below you will find an overview of the possible specifications of the coils:

The coils are wound from enamelled copper wire, silver-plated copper wire or even
enameled wire with the required wire thickness,
inner diameter, number of turns and winding direction

Wire diameter 0.2 - 1.2mm
Maximum coil length: up to approx. 35mm
inner diameter: 1.0 - 10mm
Winding direction: right or left Pitch:
according to customer specifications

The coils can be manufactured in a horizontal design for SMD assembly on the circuit board or upright for
through-hole assembly . The connection wires are milled off for soldering and
tinned if required .

The components can also be delivered strapped as tape & reel.

We look forward to your e-mail request at We would be
happy to make you a free, non-binding offer

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